Bridal Photoshoot on the Beach

There are moments where I have the joy of watching and creating alongside people who are blissed out and in a creative trance. This photo shoot was a one of those moments.

Recreating a timeless tale of romance with a message in a bottle was right up The Flower Kiosk’s alley. Leander Matos of Leander Matos Weddings had exquisite inspiration with her concept of a sunrise shoot, relaying the story of a bottle found and hearts brought together. Leander is a true visionary so when she asked if we could create a bouquet to match the free flowing organic feel of the Pollitzer dress I was thrilled. It is a true honor to work with her, this lady puts her heart and soul into every detail and it shows.

The bouquet was made from:

  • Lisanthus,
  • Queen Anne Lace,
  • Poppy pods,
  • Veronica,
  • Fever Few,
  • Astrantia and
  • textured Eucalyptus.

I swear, I can smell the ocean when I look at these pictures, the light and air flowing alongside the gown.

beach inspired bridal bouquet
seacoast inspired bridal bouquet

Working alongside these amazing artists is what makes my job so incredibly fulfilling and I want to give special thanks to all:

  • Leander Matos Weddings
  • Kate McDonald Bridal
  • Model Lindsey James
  • Make up Artist Christine Flanagan
  • El Braley of El’s Cards
  • Photographer Rachel Buckley of Rachel Buckley Weddings
  • Cinematographer Leah Richardson of Selah Films

To see more photos and video of this breathtaking shoot click here.

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Vanessa Burns